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Licensed Massage Therapist & Instructor

Irène Savoyat has been doing massage therapy for over 40 years. She is deeply fascinated by  the interconnectedness within the body, and its oneness with the mind and spirit. 

Irène loves to blend techniques using relaxation within a clinically oriented approach (Myofascial Release, Muscle Release Technique™, Cranio-sacral, Esoteric Healing or breathing techniques, etc) to help the client find a path to awareness and pain relief. She also teaches baby massage as a way to help parents connect with their infants and promote life-long health.

Irène is one of the founders of Creative Wellness, a space she visualized as a confluence of natural health providers supporting individuals in finding their next step toward wellness. 

In 1997, she was the recipient of the Greater Lansing Business Monthly Entrepreneurial Award for Health Care.

Her career began in France as a special educator with those that are differently abled. Her passion for massage was ignited as she realized that  patients who were unable to express themselves verbally responded to touch as a form of communication. She started her massage studies at the Scientific Therapeutic Massage and Research Center in India in 1981 and has been on a path of discovery ever since. She continues to find great joy in the practice of massage therapy and is grateful to be a part of her clients’ health journey.